Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Taking Inventory

When we are called to make choices, it is helpful to take a good look at every thing that could and needs to be factored in. When we are looking to our life and wanting to make sense of it, to create order. When we know that some things must go, but we are having a hard time coming to that place of closure with it, we must take inventory.  Taking inventory, at a deep as well as surface level, will help us to find our way with it, will bring us a sense of peace.

It is important to ask yourself, in making choices about keeping or giving away, about maintaining the status quo or ending, about moving forward rather than holding back- what lies behind these choices we are at the crossroads with, and what keeps us from knowing what the best possible choice should be.

When we begin to take inventory, we are embarking on a therapeutic maze of our insides out.  We are addressing the questions that we don't want to answer, or have been avoiding, and possibly the ones that we hadn't even seen.   Looking deeper at the root and the salvation of a choice will help us to move more freely in defining our lives in a way that will better depict our truest spirit and support our greatest life, as well as our greatest adventures in the days ahead.

The best question to begin with when 'fencing' with a choice is ultimately “Am I making this choice out of love or fear?” When you ask of this, you will find that there is much more richness that needs to be explored and even elevated to the point that it plays a greater role in your consciousness.  It is well said that to make a choice in anger is always a mistake.   It could be said, as well, that to make a choice out of pure unconsciousness may not play out to your advantage either.

So ask, when you look at the thing before you, that choice that you are struggling with, the one that you know you really ought to make.   If I feel so strongly about making a decision here, if I know one is called for, what is in the way of me making it?  What is in the way of me being clear?  When our choice-making is mottled, generally it speaks to one thing: We are grappling with conflicting feelings, desires and emotions, and we're not sure which one to let win out, which one to side with, which one to defend.

When you are faced with a choice, and you know it will define your life in a great way (or at least you feel a sense of enormity to it), pull out the aspects of the choice, pull out the worst-case scenarios, think of what prompted you to make the choice to begin with, sit with what brought you here.  A part of you wants you to look at this avenue of your life, to explore it deeper, this thing that must change.  And a part of you, if you are in conflict, is afraid of the perceived or possible consequences of that choice and ramifications of making it.

Take a relationship, for example, that you are thinking about ending.  (Leaving a solid job in pursuit of your passion would be another good case here, because it speaks to the same theme, which is ultimately security, or what is known, what is secure and safe).  If you are knowing on some level that this relationship needs to be over or end, what part of you is asking for that separation and brake? What part of you is unhappy, brought this up to begin with, and is on some level feeling forsaken?  If you have been at this crossroads with this choice within this situation before, or time and time again, why not take this moment to go a little deeper and see what your soul really needs to say.

What are you longing for in your life that this relationship takes away from or depletes?  What influence are you under that keep you hypnotized and oblivious of the fact that you are unhappy and on some level really don't want to stay? What do you fear will happen if you did leave, if you did make the brake, if everything didn't stay this way?   And what are you in search of that is at the heart of this quest, that you truly need more than anything right now, that you are shown in your longings, in your desires, in those moments where you think of what else you could be harvesting if what depletes you wasn't there?

And as you go inward and begin to ask yourself these questions, see which of your answers and which of your motives are based in love, and which are rooted in fear.

Are you afraid that if you end a relationship, you will be alone, will feel abandoned, won't be able to survive without them there? And, to go a bit deeper, is it your fear of losing this person or facing these deeper-rooted emotions instead?  If you are afraid of taking the leap and following your passion and leaving behind a job that's safe, are you not rather running from underlying beliefs that create pain?

It is common to want to run from our shadow, from our deepest pain, from our 'issues' when they are triggered, for fear of, if unleashed, how they will behave.  But are shadows are the places asking for love.  The places needing us, calling out to us to be free.  And whether you choose to let them out to play or to visit with them now will determine how long or how often you will have to revisit the scene.

You don't have to fully submerge yourself, to get lost in it, to become your darkest places in order for them to be seen.  But if you open the crack a bit, and acknowledge them, hold the space for them, extend compassion, it will go along way.

Have faith in you as you travel, as you are faced with choices, as the waters of the deep rise.  Know that you have the wisdom and the strength within you to prevail. And if you decide not to move forward, to stay put and hold on to the safer territory, know that you will have another chance later, and that when you are ready, making a choice will be an easy thing.

Know, though, that making no choice at all only keeps you stagnant, makes you frozen, blocks your energy, and on some level drives you insane. No 'fencing' it or straddling both sides of the fence you're facing. Let the unconsciousness pay it's visit, and decide that in making your decision, you will consciously choose to do the right thing. And remember, whatever the 'right thing' is for you now, could be different later.  So be with where you are now, in your decision process, and honour that if you are not quite ready to take that leap or make the cut, that when you are, you will not feel so much conflict, and you will not feel quite so much pain.

Blessings on your your journey forward.
May you know you more every inch of the way.


 Copyright © 2012 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Universal Ultimatims

The following is the musings of different writing sessions on basically the same concept. Though they do not flow together they are here, for the time being, until I tease them apart and make them into two. For those who should find their way here in it's un-edited state, enjoy what you find, and check back for two much more finished versions. Blessings

There are times where we need to draw the lines, to test the limits- to define them, in order to create our without and within, our inner and outer worlds, emotionally and physically. At these times, we may find that we are dis-satisfied with life and it may appear that we are swimming in a sea that seems undefined or chaotic.  We may find that we are swimming against the tides of the unknown, upstream and far away from our greatest hearts desires. We may come to this conclusion when we become reflective of our outer circumstances or what appears to be or not be, of the reflection of our outer world and what it is mirroring back to us.  We may become dismayed, disillusioned, or even depressed by what we do (or do not) see. We may long for things (on a very deep level) that have not yet arrived within our lives or for things we have never felt have been given us or arisen within our world ( needs not met). We may linger too close to familiar longings (old, sometimes ancient stories and alga-rythms that we carry within our genes). And we may over-identify with the mourning of desires un-quenched and of needs not met on very distinct levels. We may find ourselves in dismay or disarray because perhaps life is not shoring up to what we had assigned would be the prescription for our fulfillment or for our desired course. And if you have found yourself in these spaces, it can be all too easy to dig deeper into the groove of emotions, into the feelings of loss, or abandonment, or un-quenched needs- creating a stronger pattern for more of the same to come. So what's the way out, the way up?

There are many choices that we can make when we find ourselves here, though it may not seem so at the time. When we are stuck in these rythms, familiar as they are, no matter how uncomfortable, no matter how deep the pain, we tend to react in the same manner that we always have (which unfortunately forbids us from finding our way out of them). But there are in fact a lot of avenues that we could conquest within this horizon, within this jumble of feelings that we've carried for oh so long, these deep and penetrating emotions that stop our hearts from beating and scream at us to pay them heed. And even when we know, when we have come far enough on our paths to have discovered or learned that stopping too long at these intersections of soul, or visiting them too deeply can impair our growth and impede our happiness, when we don't know how to go beyond we tend to just roll with the anxious (and at the root, angry) tides that are churning within.

We can find power by acknowledging, beyond our emotional state that wants to be identified with and patronized, that giving ourselves too completely over to the loss and fear and pain can override our knowing of Truth and our deeper sense of faith. It plugs us in to the doubt and the pits of loss and grief and longing that permeate the rivers of lack and longing.  At these times, when we meet these crossroads and revisit the un-quenched layers of our soul and the notions of what ought and not ought to be that circle the rhythm of what we believe life need be, we can assert our power and become proactive and even affirmative rather than submit to the hollowed out feelings of not being satisfied and satiated. We can assert our powers of responsibility and maturity as we grow into a place that says 'define what you want through exacting a course of action. Action moves beyond emotion. Emotions are fluid, and you can get carried away with them. Action is a rock, a place to build on, stand tall upon; a place to become solid. You have the power to act. And action may be as simple as making a choice, or a decision, to do it a different way. When you've decided that you've had enough, that you've reached your limit, with a situation, with a jarring emotional would, with a storyline that's keeping you in the basement of your life- get up off the floor and choose how you are going to move to the next solid place so that you can begin to build the life that whispers your most intimate dream.

Recognize that you are the one in charge, and everything that is layed out before you and that is rattling within you is deigned to gear you up to move to the next thing. Life is fluid. It is flow, ever-changing, constantly moving, non-stop transformation ( which always implies transmutation). When you are feeling deeply, when you are flooded by your emotions, and when you find yourself becoming those deeply painful feelings that you feel, become the nurturing mother that listens with compassion, undersanding the source of the pain, and then nurtures into the transition of moving beyond it. I'm not talking bandaid, I'm talking resolution. At this time of the year, which constitutes planting resolutions, become resolute, become pro-active, become the warrior that bears the wound but allows it to become part of his medicine pouch, part of his soul that further outlines rather than undermines his becoming into the brightness of his being.

If you've ever had to give an ultimatum in order to create solidity in your life, or weed out what you can or will no longer tolerate, then perhaps you came to understand that though this may have seemed like an aggressive way of defining your limits, you were attempting to create a boundary. This time that we are in, as we are stepping into mastery, as we are fulfilling the roles of warrior-ship that were bestowed upon us before coming into form, is about discovering (re-learning/remembering) how to acheive the balance of beoming solid and remaining fluid. Within this 'lesson' that is so multifascited, are powerful opportunities for us to explore who we've played ourselves out to be so far, and who we, in fact, at the ultimate and eternal levels are. And as we are being tested and prompted to move forward, to move on with it, and get all of our ducks in order and create the space and the platform for our highest purpose to now unfold, we are being shown ( and not in any way sutle examples) where we need to shore up. And if you feel into this, what these times are teaching us, what our minds are directing us towards, and what our emotions are spelling- this is about learning where to soften ( become flow, trust, and hand over our lives in faith to the Universal Knowing), and where to become hard ( solid, defined, in dignity, in alignment and in alligance with Truth- with our Truth- to the degree that we will fight for it- that we will establish the perimeters that allow for it, and to the point where we are in service to it), And as we begin to understand, by paying attention to the lessons of our souls and giving way to the alchemy that is shaping us into out truer beings, as we begin to listen closer to the messages that are being whispered to us through our pain and through our wants, as well as the appearant with-holdings of what we desire- we can give over to this graduation period into adulthood, into maturity, into mastery, into creator-ship.

You can begin to transmute the stories that have held you prisoner and have impeded you from moving beyond a place of wounded-ness, victim-hood, and drama by stepping into a place of authority. When you look with eyes of wisdom, by going into a place of higher power, into the seat or the heart, of your highest self, you can see clearly the lesson that this pain and these stories were meant to tell you. Most of us are aware of our karma, of the deepest measures that we were meant to overcome, of the themes that we have played out repeatedly and relentlessly throughout lifetimes. Most of us are tired and ready to let go of them, yet when they come knowing on our doors again (always so seemingly unwelcome and unexpected) we find it hard to turn away from the grim reaping message that they want to deliver). And this is because instead of facing them, beyond fear, and coming to a place of resolve- once and for all- we become them, in total surrender, while all the while attempting to run away. We identify with them and claim them as ours, as something we must carry, must act out and must continue the legacy of this lifetime, most often our ancestry, and more often what we believe is ours to carry.

Part of the reason that we can't look, or don't see, these lessons or harbingers of peace, for what they are, is that we tend not to look at what's right in front of us. We're always focused on the one step ahead, or what's behind or underneath the thing that is presenting itself to us. We aren't looking for the good either, most often, we're just stumbling to survive, to get by, to make our way through. We are on survival mode. Or we have been for many, many generations anyhow. We have been functioning on such a lower level than creates a submission to a method of training that denotes suffering and struggle and strife. Are you aware of this in your own life? Do you recognize where or where or how this is so? This way of thinking, of being, turns us away from the connection, the deeper connectedness with others, with ourselves, and with God, that we most desire. It creates a seperate-ness in us that has carved deep, deep wounded-ness and longing. And it is this longing and wounded-ness that we are, at this time, seeking to repair. This wounded-ness, and these lessons about life that we have ascribed to have created a way of living that tells us that we must do it on our own, show no weakness, and swim through the rivers of humanness that are wrought with sorrow and pain. And we have, in faithfull surrender, we have submitted to these teaching. We have lived this pain. We have walked that talk. We have suffered and separated, and surrendered to a way that is not our own, though we have each one, on a very (inapropriately) intimate level. This is the fall from grace. This is the apple we have been feeding on for multiple generations and millenium.

Are we ready to stop? Are we ready to do it another way? Are we ready to set down the old testiment of misery and undermining of our heart's desire and testify to the strength of our highest being? Just as in the Garden, after they had bitten from the fruit ( or bought into the story, the illusions, the lie) we hide in our wounded-ness, ashamed that we ourselves have gone astray from the Word ( from the Truth) which lies, which is written within our souls. Hence the birth of shame. And so we hide.  We hide in our sorrows, we hide in our pain. We hide from who we are, what we feel, what we've become. We hide from the Truth of who we are. And we suffer there, in that place of hiding, because we know we have left the garden.  We know we have forsaken our hearts and our highest form of being. And when we dare to look at this sad truth, in all of its painful consequenses as they are reflected back to us through our pain or through our life circumstances, we find ourselves too often, in a state of overwhelm and despair.  Because, we claim, we do not know our way back. We do not remember our way home to the Garden, to ourselves, to our God. And so we remain lost, until someone or something, or the divine whispers of our soul, guide us in the direction of light that will usher us into the reawakening of who we have always been.

Giving it Up and giving it over is not just about submission ( or at least not all of the time). In times where you find that you have held out and held on to giving over in order that Life could have its way with you and define your fate, you can become clear about what you want and announce that you will have this thing- that it is your focus, your desire- that your eyes are on this prize- that it is entitled to you, as a most worthy being or God's creation, and that therefore, you shall receive what it is that you are longing for, and in this you can open to the time span that you will allow for said desire to manifest within the present circumstances, (be it location, relationship, or what have you), but that if within this certain time frame, said desire is not acquired, you shall adjust your outer surrounding to better accommodate the fruition of your most desired states.

This does four things. It places you in the front seat, in the power place of your life, as you learn to step into a place of maturity and responsibility, taking ownership of your wants and needs, of your well being, and taking action for the acquirement of what you feel need be in order to attain a higher state of peace and happiness. Secondly, if you are able to step into a place of negotiation with the River of Life, and state that you are at peace with what is, as far as time frames and circumstances currently are, as you are placing trust in what is and what will be, and the eternal process of becoming, yet you are stating what areas are in need of improvement, of upgrade in order for your greatest desires and highest levels of potential to be acquired. Thirdly, or C, you are moving into a place of balancing allowing and directing. Perhaps, this is another way of saying that you are attuning your desired states of consciousness and being that are reflected and to some level affected by your life circumstances and surroundings, to reflect a state of assertion and peace. In this, you are coming to terms with the dissatisfaction and the grief that arises from needs unmet, from life un-lived, from potential unmet- you are acknowledging that your needs and wants are valid and that your intuition ( as ascribed through your wanderings of thought and the musings of emotion) are directing you towards what need evolve within your experience, however, simultaneously, and you are asserting and stating your 'demands' for a set of circumstances to evolve in order for more optimal outcomes to arise, yet you are allowing for the universal play of hands to roll out and bring to you in it's way, in its time what you are desiring though only to a limit.

You are setting limits and boundaries with the Universe, which is not a bad thing. Universal consciousness may be all knowing and all seeing, but you ARE universal knowing and consciousness too! And becoming conscious of what your soul desires, and needs, in order to flourish, and STATING those needs in no uncertain terms is proactive, productive, and an overall positive thing. It is a step in the direction that says that you are taking your power back, you are no longer just rolling with the ebb and flow of What Is so long as it is just washing you about on the sea of becoming. You are trusting in, rather than fighting the natural order of things, yet you are setting deadlines, in order for 'proof', fruition and manifestation to evolve and appear. You are stating your intention, and defining what you will allow. For we are beings of free will, and free will is not simply about sin or retracting from God or God's will, but about doing our part in creating our lives- shoring up in our side of the aspect of co-creation and filling suit with bringing forth what we see needs to be.

If this is not making sense, or seems like forced action or resistance to what is, perhaps we should look a little deeper and say that within this state of being, within the above mentioned state or form of creation is the understanding and the coming to peace with our dissatisfaction, with our longings, and with the ensuing grief that comes from needs and desires not met. When these emotions and wantings well up and we can go beyond and override the quell of bottoming out in them or getting washed up on the shore and distracted by them, and instead let them be sign points to where our soul is directing us, and acknowledging that they are in fact legitimate ( validating ourselves) while avoiding the victim or the martyr stance that sways us away from our direction as powerful beings and then create an action plan that involves a time frame, or a designated ultimatum for what is to flow out within a certain span of time, we are focusing on what we want and declaring what we will allow (and won't) in order for those things to happen.

This does not deny the genuine process of transformation and transmutation, the turning into gold, that the Universe, and ultimately our souls have in store for us, that may ( and most likely are) endured through hardship or suffering, or delayed gratification. This does not over-ride the fusing of the soul with the ego by distilling the 'childish' or impulsive needs ( or demands) of what we 'think' we  need or want with what is, in actuality, for our highest good. This allows for trust, and places our faith in the process of who we are becoming, of the higher plan, of the highest good for all involved. It opens us more fully to understanding and accepting the Universal perspective of what need be. It gives us over to The Plan, more fully, by far, than would, say, protesting what is, or becoming stuck in self-pity or wallowing in despair. Yet, it steps us up to a role of leadership and responsibility for our lives, and embraces the deeper knowing that we do, in fact Know and trust in not only the Universal and Cosmic design for our Souls and our lives, but also in the guidance of our deepest yearnings, and the calling of our ever- more connection to soul.

in turn, this allows for deep cleansing and healing at a karmic and cosmic level, that washes away the recesses of our DNA that house resentment, bitterness, disregard for authority ( including the universal and our own as well as that of those in our lives that have taken for granted or taken advantage of our power). This process or individual transformation that we are speaking of, this upgrade and this shift in a way of being, and way of perceiving, elevates us to a level of co-creation that designates that we are in fact co-creator And co-commander of our Greater Plan.

Do you see?  Do you understand this level of beingness that enables you to escape from the myriad and the mi-optic levels of disarray and disorder and raises you (vibrationally, emotionally, and psychically) far above the level that you have formerly operated from, and furthermore places you in a stance of creation where you are assigning direction for your desires and delegating to the Universe what need be, while co-operating with the All and the Goodness of the One to bring it to you at the exact perfect time. You dolling out deadlines is not dis-respectful toward a higher power. It is not denial, or pushing against what Is. It is jumping into the flow and becoming an active roll-player in the design of your life.

Setting boundaries is (a big) part of what you are here to do. It is part of the order of defining yourself and your life and your understanding of what is and what will be. It is within this context that we learn and establish what area and arena we have in which to move around. The more clear we become in our communications, and our expectations, as well as our understandings of what we need and what is acceptable, the more clear the outline of our lives become.  You cannot have what you want so long as your perception of what you deserve or need is unclear.  You cannot handle, and will not be granted, the responsibility, of your desired ideals, so long as you do not step up to the plate of responsibility within your own life Now, as it is within it's perimeters as they currently stand and unfold.  So take action now, and resign to resign from reacting and ruminating in your circumstances because they are not reflecting what your truest hearts desires may be. Step up, and step over the victim hood of martyrdom that has kept you at hands length from your dreams. You are worthy, you are deserving, and what you feel is leading you towards what you need to ensue. If you do not yet know the way, or the how, to open the floodgates to what it is that you crave, then ask to be shown, or believe that you already know, but don't hand over your power to 'never' or to the despair of it all being a pipe dream. If you desire it, you ARE it. It behoves you, it benefits you greatly to pay mind to your intuition and to your emotions, so long as you are not overwrought by the message that you perceive they entail. Signpost. Message being delivered, prompting you to Do something, to take action, to listen and Decide how you will begin to move forward. Do not get stuck, be proactive, which means that you take in what is being said, or felt, or delivered, what is being imparted, and become empowered in yourself through the message (not by departing from it) to create what it is that your heart desires.

Emotions are messages from the heart. So often we get caught in the current of belief that we need dismiss our emotions, or at least the 'negative' ones in order to go higher, in order to raise our consciousness. But emotions that appear to be negative, are no more negative than are our circumstances or surrounds. It is all neutral, in reality, with different preambles, or sensations, with different appearances.  And as soon as we can begin to relate to it as such and not assign it a label, or constrict ourselves and our impulses through restricting our ability to feel or respond to what our hearts and souls and lives are showing us, we can begin to let it all direct us so much more fully towards the direction that we actually want to go.

Assign 'not knowing' to your agenda, as you learn to walk through the doors of your soul and open to the opportunities that are calling to you to transform and to heal. We must let go of what we know and what we think we know, relinquish what we've been taught as well as the meanings that have been assigned to all things and become congruent with what our bodies and our souls, and most especially, our hearts are telling us IS. When we can learn to trust in this knowing, and confide with more confidence in our own truth and what our truth is telling us through the mediums of our emotions and our life circumstances, we can begin to move with more assurance and more ease through the impetuses that previously held us back and in rhythm with our own innate design.
Do you see how this can be undertaken by moving up the notch of becoming, of jumping with both feet and body in tow forward onto the bandwagon of our evolution by becoming aware of our power and coming into alignment with what our truth is telling us in each moment? Do you see how you have a responsibility to your further advancement in this body, in this lifetime, and that no one, not even the Universe, can do for you what you are meant to do for yourself? You must Decide for yourself what you Want to be so. You must become clear about what outcomes you truly feel will outweigh the multitude of those floating about and will ultimately be the best for the all involved. You must learn to trust in your soul and where and how it is guiding you in order to move forward in the direction that you seek.  And to do that, you must first become excruciatingly honest with yourself, which, my friend, most absolutely includes and entails the levels that you allow yourself to sink, and the levels which you have not as of yet allowed yourself to rise.

 Rewiring in the Underworld

Are you able to be observant of your emotions (to recognize and embrace them in neutrality) without becoming subservient ( feeling like you need to rescue or escape from them, or disown or deny them in some way or else you will fall prey to sinking too deeply into them in overidentification and be unable to effectively shift up your vibration). Do you fall prey to what you feel and Become those emotions rather than allow them to direct you as you remain neutralized to what you feel?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Compassion With Self and The Power of Mistakes

You can do no wrong. You are always only learning and growing. That’s what it’s all about, lessons and growth.  Nothing is ever ‘wrong’.  It is only an interpretation. When you release yourself from this way of seeing you are able to fall into the art of appreciation and envelop great compassion, for you begin to see life as a journey, not as an undertaking, and you can nestle into the safety of no longer being fearful of making a mistake.

Do you see how this would take you higher, would take you under the wave when it is riding too high for you to entrust it to take you to the shore? Do you see how this would allow you to move forward, in all circumstances, rather than being paralyzed by the fear of defeat?  Trust it then, this law of order that allows for you to be constantly becoming, this law that takes you to the next place, that is derived from the constant shifts and the ebb and flow of evolution. Change is the game. It is what IS. But one thing must remain constant. And the consistency can become your state (of mind).

Change is our keeper, and within it lies what is safe, for no thing can exist without evolving. To be alive is to seek growth, to allow for it, to thrive on it, to let it shift you and make you complete. An absence of growth is certain death. Life seeks change and knows that it is equivalent to order. You must follow after it’s proddings or suffer the cost of resistance which is always suffering and pain.

Have compassion for yourself through your journey.  Be your biggest support system, your most powerful ally, your most attentive and enthusiastic cheerleader and you will find that your confidence in you and your faith in bringing your dreams to reality will begin to expand.

Recognize all of the good, all of the wonderful you are making, all of the wonderful that you Are.  And restore your faith in your vision of the future as  you unlock your hidden potential by allowing it to come forth in its own way, on its own time, falling tripping and stumbling ever so preciously on.

Like a toddler who is learning to speak, like a small child who is trying something for the first time, you are ‘trying’ and ‘learning’ something new as you re-awaken, as you are ‘remembering’ your Truth.

And as proud parents, we try to capture those moments, those milestones, and savor them within our hearts.  Be that loving appreciation of you as you move into newness.  Be that compassion that guides and encourages you forward and let go of needing to condemn or criticize your self (or another) for making a mistake.

Mistakes are real, but in a completely different sense. Mis-takes are chances to do over because in the moments where we have made choices that have led us ‘astray’ we are given the chance to re-take or to re-interpret the situation so that we can see it from a higher-vision state.  In other words, our perception of the situation, or our ‘take’ on it, is out of alignment with our highest self.  And in every moment we are given the chance and many opportunities to adjust our ‘view’, to re-adjust our thinking, as a child re-adjusts his footing as he learns to walk and continues to move forward. As an artist adjusts the hues of his pain in order to create the vision within his imagination so that he can better represent the message of his soul as he brings it forward.  It is this tuning into and continually retuning and turning into our selves that we are found and our truest expressions of self are then born.

And it is in the process of learning to walk that a child becomes acquainted with his Self. It is in these times of learning that he discovers who he Is, what he’s made of.  And in that knowing, in that trusting of himself, he gains the confidence that he’s got what it takes to proceed.  And in that process, he becomes more in touch with his determination and with his strength and learns to push on, and to continue to rediscover just how he needs to move in order to accomplish his motive and succeed.

And it is in the discovery process of creating that an artist learns to Feel into his vision, to connect further and deeper with his higher self, with the part of him that is directing the shape of the art.

An artist must listen closely to what his soul is spelling, to its whispers, and to the aspects of the art, of the creation he is meant to bring to life.  And as he tunes into the channel of information that guides him, as he relaxes into the musings of his soul with abandon, leaving behind the fear of making a mistake, knowing that he can trust in his guidance, he becomes One with the art he creates.

And it is so with all of us on out journeys, as we find our way and follow our own footsteps back to ourselves. We fulfill our potential with each step we make, and with each step we create.

Do not fear that any step could possibly be a mistake, for it will restrict your process and inhibit your ability to create.  It will stop you cold if you let it, and can deaden you, as well as deafen you, to the guidance in which you will find the strength and support that you seek.

An artist creates from his heart.  And when he allows himself to fold into that space that is sometimes hidden or elusive, to loose himself in the making, in the process of creating, he is taken to the sacred space of his Truth.

Truth knows not right from wrong. It is not linear.  It is not based on the concept of right or wrong. It is grounded in soul-ness. And the soul knows only that which is love. Truth cannot be changed, it simply is and that is why it is referred to as your center because it always is what it is and always will be.

In the process of creating, you connect with your self, with your truth, because you are a creator, so you are coming back to your center, your core, and nothing feels more peaceful or more powerful than residing in that place.  That is why the art of creating is considered a spiritual practice.  It resigns us to surrender to that space, to the Creator, to the essence of our soul.

Go there.  Go there often.  And remember what it is like to be there, to feel there.  Remember what it means to be in that space.  And as you become more familiar, you become more and more able to bring that vibration out into your life on all occasions.  And the more you do, the more you are able to stabilize it and become grounded in that state, the more you begin to realize that it is not only for the ‘artist’ per se to experience this divine connection, it is for all of us.  For all of life and every experience is your canvas.  And every creation, every word, every intention, every thought that you choose, every endeavor, can be experienced through the spirit of who you are.  And everything becomes that much more sacred as you remember that life is the art that you create.

Fight the urge to become the victim, of your critical self-talk, of your circumstances.  Be the hero, the one who saves you and whisks you away on the gallant white horse.  Ride off into the sunset of your ‘happily ever after’ on the wings of love, because you saving you from the throes of your mind, from the fear of making mistakes is an act of greatness and most definitely one of the highest gestures of love you can make.

Your most profound work of art in this life could very well be the product of your greatest 'mistake'. So don't take it all so seriously, because you never know the biggest picture of what is evolving and you will evolve much more peacefully when you are able to step back and allow for the process without the need for judgement and with the grace to unfold at your own pace. Your process is your own, completely unique to you, and it is as sacred as each step you make. Be gentle with you as you learn to walk again, as you remember how to paint. You are the artist, continually recreating yourself.  And every great artist knows that art a 'mistake' is only the birth of a chance to recreate.

Create with wonder. Create with joy. And remember that you are the beauty you wish to bring to your canvas, your life, it is through reconnecting with your spirit that you remember the art of what it means to create.

Blessed love and miracles on the horizon!

Loving you and loving all of your mistakes,

 Copyright © 2012 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Rising With the Fog; Aligning with Our Potential

As the fog begins to lift, we can see more clearly into the reality that is to come.  And when we look upon this horizon, it will show is which way it is that we need to go.  It will show us that all of our efforts have not been in vein and that our dreams are not merely just dreams and that our visions are not illusions, but they are reachable now, touchable, they are right there, they are no longer on the horizon.  And though it may feel that you are still having to reach a bit, in order to touch them, in order to make them tangible, that is on purpose, for we are meant to reach and stretch so that we as humans, as spirits, can continue to grow and continue to evolve into our highest purpose.

And in the moments when you cannot see beyond the fog, when it is thick and surrounds you, when you feel that it will never fade, sink in.  Sink into the mystery and the majesty of the veil.  The black and white does bind you as that way of vision restricts you from seeing the entire picture. It is in the grey that we begin to see the better picture and it is in the grey that many insights will come.  Do not allow yourself to be taken by the doubts and fears that seek your attention in the times between where you’ve been and where you are going. (And you ARE going, believe that!) Allow for expansion in the holding place, for that’s what the middle ground is for.

You will be given many opportunities within the period of the now, within the space between, and you can use this space and time to delve into the reality of who you are.  This time gives you a chance to get to know your strengths and to get to know your weaknesses. It is a time for evaluation as you delve deeper into who you really are and embrace every aspect so that All of you can move forward in sync and with strength into your highest potential. Pay attention to the indicators, to the happenings around you and notice what they have to teach you. Always direct it back onto you, onto how you can better advance the situation, further grow into how you long to be, or the reminders of what you are meant to be focused on. Pay attention, but not only to what is going on around you, but more so what is going on within. How do you feel about your interactions, How do you feel about your circumstances, and what can you do to create better outcomes so that old patterns don't continue to take over? Who are you now, who have you been, and who do you aspire to be? Change, or even the thought of it can be scary, but when we sink into our fears and doubts and get to know them, get to know the driving forces that hold us down, we can begin to learn more about what ihibits us and why.  And through that we can see what it is we need to learn and where we need to grow.

How do you envision you in the future, in the next now? How do you see yourself radiating within your highest potential.  Who is the person that is living your dreams and accomplishing all of your goals? Go into detail as you explore. What does this Higher You look like? How do they (You) act? What qualities make them who they are and enable them to live a life of grace and ease and the divine power of potential? You can begin to hoan these qualities and try them on for size so that you are molded into the Real Time You by visualizing and feeling into the energy of already being there. Take time to sit with this aspect of you, the one who is content and fulfilled, the one who sees from a higher ground, the one who is focused and grounded and happy.  See this You and feel into it. The feeling aspect of this is so important.  In order to Believe it, you have to feel it. It is only then that you know that it is possible.

Much of this time is about shifting out of our old beliefs and into the possibilities of our potential. What you Believe in matters.  Deeply.  Do not give over your visions to someone else’s version of you, in doing that you give away your power.  For in order to be master of your life, to be captain of your ship, you have to take command, which, in turn, means that you have to take control of what you will allow in your life and what you, in so choosing for your highest good, decide to surrender.

Control is something that you must release as well as step into. We are used to wanting and trying to control others and to manipulate and monopolize our outcomes and our future. This is the control we must let the Higher Source Higher Self take over. We hold on so tight to wanting things to be a certain way, to believing that in order to be happy or safe our outer world must be in line with the conjured definition of what it looks like in our minds. We put all of our eggs in that basket, forsaking our health, forsaking our sanity, forsaking our wisdom, forsaking what matters. To believe in this mentality, that the world and others must conform to our standards, is what creates havoc in our lives because our focus remains on things that we cannot change, things that ultimately, we need to learn to let go of. No matter how much you try to mind-warp or manipulate another, ultimately they will remain the same, as will your surroundings as long as you continue to believe that it must change in order to create the makings of your dream reality.

What must change is you, or at least your perception of how things work and what is important. When you understand that putting all of your eggs in the basket of false pretenses is equivalent to giving away your power and diminishes your ability to create in the way of spirit, in the way that you were intended, when you Know, on a deeper level (and really once you have only begun to appreciate the concept) that you create your reality, that you move into Your World, the one you envision, by becoming it, by radiating it, by believing that it is so, you will begin to loosen your grip on what lies beyond and sink further into the ‘feel good’ the higher potential, the core and the truth of who you are which is always, and only could be, pure potentiality and endless possibility simply waiting to unfold.

What you must learn to control is more of a form of discipline. You have to retrain yourself to refocus, to zero in, on what is most important, and ultimately what’s most important is the desire to be whole and be free, to be Love. We can attain that as we not only live from that higher place, that higher self, but begin to take on the attributes that make that higher self so and live on purpose.

If your higher self has strength as a virtue, what can you do to strengthen yourself and draw to you more of the attributes of that aspect of your higher version? Taking on the overseeing and care-taking of the four selves is essential. Is it exercise that will strengthen your body and give you the energy and vitality to stretch and grow, to reach for those dreams and move forward? Is it mindfulness that will strengthen your mind so that you begin using the muscles of observation (watching you and life from a detached perspective), and understanding the tools to surrender?  Is it community or solitude, or perhaps a mix of both that will strengthen your spirit?  Do you need to create a bigger support system or be nourished more by the space of alone time? And your personality, your ego, your self that you most often identify with on so many levels, it needs food too to grow too, to get on board with your vision. Listen to its urgings and let it take you in the direction of what will satiate it. Quenching  this part of you puts out many of the fires that arise through otherwise over ambitious fears that want to take over.

We have to feed the seeds of our dreams and nourish all parts of our selves and our soul in order to reach our potential.
Begin to moderate your life, your time, your mind, and run your life like you would a corporation. If you were CEO of Y.O.U., what would your ‘company’ or ‘business’ turn into? What would it look like? How would it run, what would need to happen, to be transformed, or dealt with in order for your vision of your greatest life to happen?

Use the time when you cannot quite see so clearly but are beginning to glimpse the beyond to feel into you, to really get acquainted. The Soul knows.  It will guide you.  But in order to listen, in order to be led, we must familiarize ourselves with our many voices, quiet our fears by sinking into them, rise to the sky by morphing into the One that we wish to be, and  remember to turn into this vision over and over again until it overrides the patterns of turning outward. 

Don't allow your fears to measure your foundation. You are far more than you believe and your are so much more than a product of your outcomes. Go beyond where you've been, push against all known boundaries, and create a few more healthy ones in the process. You are not alone in this quest, and at no time is it out of the question or inappropriate to ask for guidance. Ask for assistance, ask for what you need and for the ability to go beyond whatever keeps turning you backwards. The Law of One is in effect and the Law of One inherits harmony. The law of this Oneness reminds us that there is, and never will be/has been any separation. It is not a one-man-show.  This is not each-one-for-themselves. This is eternity happening and within eternity everyone gets what they truly desire to happen. The Universe cannot differentiate between what you desire and what you believe, it weighs on what you hold fast to.  Believe that you are being assisted.  Believe that all that is happening is for the good of the whole and you will no longer have to hold on so tightly to all of your outcomes.

Let the mystery of the unknown entice you.  It holds all potential, all possibility. Become excited about what is ‘out there’ within the realm of what could be, within the realm of what is already happening.  Feel into the enthusiasm of receiving and let that shape you into the open vessel that has plenty of room to hold all that lies within your imagination.  And when you want to try so hard to make things happen,  refocus all of that energy and that might into redirecting your wandering mind and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the dreams you desire.

This is prep time. This is a time of preparing for what you want to come in, to come on line for you, for unzipping so that you can be accountable for your agenda. Your energy must match frequencies with what you wish to achieve, what you wish to be, with what you wish to transpire in your reality.  And your energy, your vibration, is your responsibility and the place to continually re-shift your focus.  Live form that place, from the Highest version of you, from the place of you after all of the everything you desire has happened. The fog is the place where you can strengthen the muscles of your soul to withstand the distractions and redirect your focus inward so that all of your inward desires can that much sooner turn outward.

Be strong for you. Be strengthened. Live from the joy place that you wish to achieve, and allow all that is happening to grow you into the next level of your happening.

Much love and grace along the way!
With purist intentions and up-graded standards we move forward.

May many blessings of light fill your soul,

Come check out Awakeningthedivine to see what's new. Upcoming classes in Aligning with grace, shifting into mastery, and the all important stress management, as well as new releasing sessions and techniques. See ya there! Be still. Be the One who matters most. Be the highest You!

 Copyright © 2012 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


To all of you beautiful souls out there who have been following and are still following my musings and blog, I would like to thank you for journeying with me and for the beauty of the souls that you are. I have been on a journey all its own lately and hope to return shortly.  Life has its way of detours and many new twists and turns, but faith inherits the knowing that all of life's quests, planned or unintended, lead us exactly to the place we need to and are meant to be.  And each and every one of those experiences shape us into the reminder of who we truly are, and really, at the core, always have been. 

I toast the whirlwinds of experience and the places they take us that we might otherwise have never known.  And I applaud the brave souls who choose to see beyond the fears of what any experience may provoke and into the eyes of their sacred souls as they are stretched and prodded to grow alongside the ever-changing universe as it evolves in its own right.  It takes courage and strength to Become the All that we Are, to grow into it, and over-ride the urge to remain the same for the sake of comfort and the sureness of what is known.  And it takes faith; faith in the unknown-that it will lead you into the most inspired terrain; faith in you to walk the mountains and the valleys and swim the seas; and faith in a force far bigger than you (that is you) to pick up the pieces and guide you along the way.

And that is what Conscious Co-Creating is all about.  It's about becoming aware of the freedom inherent in knowing that we, in our confined state, in our made-small state, cannot do it alone.  For we are not alone.  We are One.  And when we open to that Oneness, to the Truth, we are propelled into an evolutionary state of purpose and power, the kind of power that comes from rising beyond the troubles and the suffering that ensue when we are attempting to do it all on our own. We are not alone. We are not separate. And letting go, forgiving, forgetting our separateness unites us with the wholeness that we desire.

Faith and imagination are, by far, your most powerful tools.  They will take you places far beyond where you've been or where you've allowed yourself to go.  And though you cannot touch them, they are anything but illusory.  They are anchors and cornerstones and the propellers that restore the insight of your intuition and the visions you came to 'make real'. 

Step forward, if only in your mind, leaning on the spirit of Belief and the creativity of the child within.  Paint your world, live life as art, in abandon, and allow for every step, every breath, to be a prayer. The art of living is breathing into your experience, into your potential, and allowing the rest to unfold. Allowing it to be untold, until the next moment, or when it arrives, and settling into the presence of what your Is is. No matter what is shifting or changing or in chaos within or around you, when you Know yourself as an anchor, nothing can rock your boat. Be still, dear ones, and let the strength come through you to be who you came to be, to do what you're called to do, to live your life on fire, in the way that only you can because there's no other you. And have faith in the knowing that everything is exactly as it needs to be, always, and that your stillness will guide you farther than your busied mind, and your love of self is more sacred than any other reward that you seek.

This is the longest vacation I have taken from Conscious Co-Creating since its birth, as my awareness and creativity have taken me elsewhere, as I have been restored and renewed.  I have found that when I am 'off-line' for a while and not channeling or receiving those guided messages to deliver via the written form that my guide source is changing, sort of like tuning the channel on the radio, and when the time is right, I will be plugged into the next best most aligned guide post that will then be delivered to you.
So stay tuned, I sense I'll be coming back on line soon, with new guidance and musings to assist you in aligning to the highest you. I welcome any questions or comments about what you may be experiencing at this time, on this leg of your trip, and any inquiries or suggestions you may wish me to post about regarding the transitions and tail winds we're all riding upon.

All the best to you sweet ones!

Feel free to contact me at   and see what's new or you're welcome to leave your message here.
I look forward to connecting with you.

Blessings of light,

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In the Name of Love

A magical thing happens when we decide to live from a place called love.  A thing called peace transpires, as does prosperity, and clarity, and joy.  These are not things that can be acquired through the uncertainty of day to day fears unless we are to take them through the transfusion of love and wash them clean, wash them new again, so that they are meaningless and no longer have a hold on us, or at least not the hold that are previous stories did.

No matter what happens throughout your life, or throughout your day, you are still eternally You (the undying, unedited version of Oneness). You are this version, whether you see it this way or not, whether or not you beleive it, whether or not you live by the means which this Truth beholds. You are This, and you can only be This, and the magic of the thing called love.  And the levity of living under its spell, is that it takes you there.  It takes you to that place within you that transforms all of the everything that gets in your way and blinds you from your miraculousness.  It transcends time and space, and issues, and elevates you to a place where magic not only reigns, but unfolds moment to moment in ways that you could not have imagined from the perspective of not-love that you had lived before.

And we all lived there before.  It is the place from which we came if we reach the higher highs, the ashes from which we all rise.  And there is such beauty in that, really.  If you have lived in the life of the love not quenched.  If you have lived the life of the dreams permanently benched.  If you have lived the life of the pain quota permeating permanently, unbudgingly throughout your reality rather than dipping into the barrel now and again, then you know what it is to live in suffering.  To know what it is to live in suffering, not knowing how, or if, you will ever arrive ( or find your way out of your own personal hell) and then find it, some day, miraculously, simply by becoming the observer of the you who has opened the door to the You (essence) and is laying you on the line for complete and unobstructed observation, then you know what it is to become new again.  And you know that miracles have a way of finding themselves into your heart, and that miracles happen to the everyday man.

There is no freedom in pain.  We may lie to ourselves (sometimes for an eternity, sometimes just day to day until we don't) that our pain is justified, is necessary, is medial.  We may tell our selves that it is the way of life.  But the truth is that suffering is not our path.  Our path is joy.  Our destination is to find our way back to our souls, and there we will find the love, and the peace, and the strength that runneth over.  If our focus point becomes to remain in joy, to reach for it, to surrender to peace, always, in all ways, then our life drastically changes, in profound and miraculous ways, without question.

Our suffering is there, as it always has been, and must be met with a loving heart.  But our suffering, as our identity, distorts our truth and our perception of our selves as well as our reality, in ways that thwart our best efforts at living.  To become one with ourselves, we must explore the depths of our being that hold our highest and lowest parts.  But to become stuck there, in the depths, and navigate solely through the lows, without as well excavating the highs, we are allowing our pain to hold us rather than holding the space for our pain.  The difference is in how life unfolds for us from this vintage point.  When we allow our pain to hold us, we become attached to the story it tells, and we are severed from our connection to life and to our selves.  When we hold the space for our pain, we allow for the opening of the crack where the light and the love can shine through.  We allow for compassion to prevail and apathy to fade away.

The miracles of love are boundless, and love, for most, is truly such an unexplored thing.  How many live from love in the kindness they extend toward themselves?  How many live form love in the kinship they extend toward another?  How many live from a true place of unconditionality where the giving of love is not based on what they receive in return or on guarantees or goodness?  When these questions become more than ponderings and transcend into models for living, we begin to associate love as a way of living not a state of mind or a feel-good thing that comes and goes.  When we become Love and model our life after its teachings, we become connected to the truest aspects of our beings, the ones that are timeless, the ones the never grow old, the ones that never go away.  When we fall into Love, like the arms of a long-lost soul that we've been searching for, and realize that we've finally come home, we can breath deeply again, into the knowing, that we never really left the safety or our abodes, we simply went traveling on the seas of adventure through the contrast of life in order to know what it is to be on the other side of the coin, the flip-side of heaven, and in order to know that we could find our way back to what in our hearts we've always known.

You can find your way there.  All it takes is a little faith in the momentum of love to lead you, to cleanse you, to set you free.  Have faith in You and the beauty of love to transform and transmute all that stands to impede your progress.   Allow for the warmth of its embrace to melt away all of your troubles, all of your hardships, all of your pain. You desire this longing for love because you know it exists. You know it is yours to behold.  But the love that you most truly seek is not something you will find out there, somewhere, it is what you will discover to be the treasure within as you uncover and rediscover the remarkable essence and splendor of the You that you knew not so long ago as a soul that embarked on its journey into this wondrous world in order that it could navigate the highways of life and find Truth again waiting on the steps of its front door once it was ready to release the troubles of the worried heart and open to the messages of its soul.

In joy, and in love,
in the goodness and the wealth, and the blessing of all things,

Free-flowing grace to you dear ones! And may you know again the sweet sounds of your heart songs today!


 Copyright © 2012 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Integrating Integrity

To live in integrity means to live our truth, means to live fully in the truth of who we are- to express it- to Be it- to rise to it, and let it be risen.  In the earlier post about the energy this month, I mentioned that this is a time of really wanting to indulge, in a Big way. Perhaps what we are wanting, though this is a time to let life be a thing of decadence, is a fuller sense of the I AM.  Perhaps what we are really longing for and craving, and what is being expressed and sensed within us, is a wanting for more of our Selves to be felt, to be experienced, to be realized.

For so long, we experienced the longing to fill the hole with a drive to pursue something out there, in the world, that could quench us, or suppress us (or that innate longing). And so too, now may be one of those times when we are being exposed for our ‘go-to’s or our bandaid fix for ‘The Quench’ of our souls that sends us searching for wholeness and needs long unmet.

When our needs aren't met by others, we come to believe that needs can't be met by another, so we develop a dependency on things. We really don’t get ‘met’ or satiated for long by things, so we overindulge until we feel numb. And since this pacification worked (sort of) or seemed to anyway, it becomes an addiction. Since those needs or those inner longings aren’t quelled for long, when the cry of inside sounds again, we go to the refrigerator, the liquor store, the mall. We go to the ‘thing’ that we think will make it alright and the thing that will lullaby our longing, at least until next time.

And all of us have some ‘thing’ that we turn to. And that’s alright. There’s no need to be ashamed of who or what we’ve been or what we’ve relied on to survive.  But we’re being provided with an opportunity right now to see how we respond to that inner cry of the wild, the song of the soul, that wants to be set free. And we are being motivated to bring in more of our Selves rather than numb over the hole that’s been perfectly engraved for our Sacred soul’s fit. It is our soul, our Is-ness, our truest selves that can fill that void and quiet the longing (or the loathing for not letting it in). And until we fulll-fill ourselves with what we really desire, those longings will go unmet.

This is a time, no doubt for living large and truly tasting the fruits of the world and really quenching our thirst for life. This is a time to explore and indulge and be extravagant with our pleasures. And this is truly a time to give to ourselves all that we desire and all that brings us joy.  But we are cautioned to be aware that that alone, these seeking of pleasures and gratification of desires, is not all that we are meant to be dipping into as we’re expanding more fully into what it means to be alive.  

You will know when you are running from what you don’t want to feel, from the parts within that you don’t want to meet with loving arms but would rather run from.  You will know by how you feel after you indulge. If you are still ‘hungry’ for something, if you feel sadness, if you feel deeper longing, you are keeping a part of yourself down. Not all of the soul is always rejoicing or is comfortable to be with. There are deep feelings within you that need to be released, need to be felt, need to be held. And as you begin to step out of your comfort zone and let more of your soul in (and out), and as you begin to notice and sit with the times that you don’t, you will begin to experience some not so pleasant, perhaps, things. You will feel the sadness for running away from, abandoning, or withholding self.  You will feel the rage of rejection (you shunning you in the name of someone or something else, or in the name of convention).  You will feel despair as the parts of you that have been held down wonder if they will ever be set free. And it is of utmost importance for you to hold the space for compassion for You as you, and all of your parts, are unveiled.  It is in doing this that you begin to become whole, as you welcome you in, without the stipulation of you needing to be a certain way. Unconditional. That’s what’s called for.Unconditional forgiveness.  Unconditional love.  Unconditional joy. You’ve lived by the ‘condition’ long enough, wouldn’t you agree? Time to open your heart and try it new, try on You.

When we bring in more of our selves, when we let our selves shine through, there is an inner peace and joy that cannot be surpassed by anyone or anything.  It is joy ‘for no reason’. It is unconditional, not based on any outer circumstances. And in this state of inner expansion, there is profound selflove; love like you’ve never quite experienced before, love that doesn’t compare. And this is the very thing we most long for.

For all of those who have tried (as you might) to bring in or command a greater sense of self-love, this is so much easier (and effective). All that’s needed is that you breathe into your higher self, your essence, and let it come in, intend it in, fuller, and you will feel the difference.  You will feel more grounded.  You will feel lighter.  You will feel centered.  And you will feel love. Try it.  Often.  And you will begin to experience the kind of love (and the kind of life) that you are craving.

Living in integrity means listening to and living from your heart. Begin by listening more closely to it’s requests and you will better know your self.  And when you’re not sure what your heart is saying, or how to tell the difference between your heart and the voice of your ego, begin to question until you can better differentiate. Try both options (that of your heart and that not) on for size and Feel what moves you with the rhythm of your soul.  Feeling is key here. After all, it’s the language of the heart. So learn to still your mind enough to feel into how you feel. Pay attention to your inner navigational system.  It won’t steer you wrong. It knows the way. And you will too as you begin to allow yourself to expand in this way.

Here’s a little tip that will help along the way: don’t buy into the ‘rational’ of guilt or shame.  You don’t need this to temper your desires or your dreams. Banish the notion that you are sin. Outcast the belief that it is imperative that your actions are not harmful to others or that if you do for yourself you will be doing against another in turn. Doing for you, following your heart or your inner longings does not make you wrong, bad, or selfish. It makes you stronger and more alive. And in that sense, you can actually do and be more for others.  You have to drink from the fountain of You first though. Take time this month to witness where and when you give yourself away for fear that you will do somebody wrong. In order to override your barriers to You, you must first learn to notice where you hold yourself back and why. If you are compromising you in the name of guilt or obligation, challenge what you’re trying to live up to and whether or not it’s real.  Play around with new ways of thinking, being, doing and see how they Feel to you. You’ll soon realize that choosing You isn’t irresponsible, it’s probably the most responsible thing you’ll ever do.

Part of owning you is trusting you. You have to retrain your thoughts to that they support You and honor your truth. If you are doubting You, how can you feel good about yourself?  Allow for expression without abandon (without regret), and know that you are learning more everyday how to keep life in tune with your truth.

Understand that choosing a new way isn't always comfortable. It takes some adjusting to Be a new way and to listen to your heart instead. As you are opening to a new way, you are walking away from the old. Feelings of sadness, grief, despair, or anger are normal as you are shifting and leaving behind your old identity, what you've adhered to and subscribed to all this time. Expect some confusion and some delay of settling into the new groove as all of you settles into being new, as All of You adjusts to the new surroundings. And be gentle with yourself as you acclimate to change and allow for higher ways to be imposed. Change can be scary and is something all of us avoid, to one degree or another. Be with you and bring in the compassion you would offer a friend during a time of transition so that you can open to grace.

Open up to you and let your heart win. You’ve been waiting for a long, long time for this. The expansion you long for is to fully embody a greater sense of you. Breathe into this expansion and begin to take your cues from You as you let all of the other directives that you’ve been living by fall to the wayside. And by the way, you’re going to expand this month, one way or another, so might as well make it intentional and direct the flow where you want it to go.

Much love to you,

In the name of grace and rejuvination!

All is a blessing. All is a step in the direction of The Way!

Magical moments and a heart filled with peace as it welcomes the You that you long for back home!


 Copyright © 2012 Rhonda Simpson~Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.